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Financing options

Datanet Systems offers to its clients two possibilities for saving cash resources when acquiring IT and communication infrastructure:

1) Cisco Easy Lease - a program that helps small and medium-sized companies to acquire the latest Cisco technology, a program made available in Romania by Cisco Capital and UniCredit Leasing, is designed to help small and medium enterprises to easily and quickly adopt the latest communication technologies through leasing of Cisco products and solutions. The leasing offer is very flexible and the requests are quickly processed. Payments are made on a monthly or quarterly basis, helping companies to maintain capital expenses and the operational ones constant and balanced. EasyLease is a leasing offer with a variable interest rate (floating-rate type), available in an initial promotion with very competitive interest rates for up to 200,000 euro transactions, in terms of credit analysis and approval of the UniCredit Leasing Corporation.

2) Buy Infrastructure as a Service from Datanet Systems. Datanet can provide IT and communication infrastructure systems as business services for customers. Datanet will design, supply, install, operate and maintain the systems within a predefined set of service level parameters. The quality of the agreed services will be continuously monitored and the services will be invoiced monthly or quarterly to customers.