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Orange Romania modernizes its telecom network in the rural area


The project consists in the modernisation of the entire telecommunications infrastructure in Romania’s rural areas. A significant part of such project is the migration of access networks to IP technology by development of an effective transport network based on such technology. 

To this end, Orange Romania installed equipment for aggregation of signalling, data and voice traffic in Romania’s rural area, based on equipment ranges Cisco MWR and Cisco 7600, in approximately 250 locations.

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Prior to the project implementation, the rural area was exclusively covered by 2G mobile services using a low-speed transport network. This made mobile data service development difficult, and the complexity of operating the former technology was a major impediment to evolution perspectives in such area. 

The new network based on IP technology ensures the necessary capacity for mobile data services based on HSPA+ technology and allows the convergence of fixed and mobile services on the same infrastructure.

The main business objectives of the project are:

  • Extension of coverage for high-speed broadband services (3G+ Internet access at speeds up to 21.4 Mbps) for 98% of Romania’s population and improvement of data and voice service quality.
  • Implementation of a scalable network, able to accommodate future new services.


Cisco products acquired within the project were chosen after thorough technical and economic analysis, the main arguments for such selection being related to their quality, scalability and flexibility in providing convergent fixed-mobile services.

Choosing Datanet Systems as partner relied on the exceptional expertise of the company in relation to the design, implementation and maintenance of IP networks. A significant element in favour of the partnership decision was also the vast experience of the company in the management of transformation projects related to telecommunications networks. Datanet provided the overall and detail design, as well as the testing and validation of equipment configurations.

It was also verified that the project ensured the maintenance of the service quality parameters in case of failure and maximum load. Datanet installed the equipment on site and provided the technical support for migration of services on the new infrastructure.


  • Validation of the technical solution and elaboration of the project documentation;
  • Implementation and acceptance tests;
  • Final configuration, optimization of technical solution and migration of traffic on the new infrastructure;
  • Technical specialized assistance and hardware and software maintenance.


  • Datanet team was made up of seven expert specialists in design and testing, works order generation, project implementation and management, together with 20 teams for installations and configurations of equipment on site;
  • From Orange Romania, over 60 persons participated in the project from engineering, infrastructure and operational departments.

Total term of the project did not exceed 9 months, according to initial planning.


From the technical and operational perspective, the project is remarkable through the following characteristics:

  • The last generation solution for mobile and fixed voice and data traffic transport over a convergent IP network allowed the increase of traffic and supply of new services and, at the same time, reduced the complexity of the network.
  • Rapid implementation, sometimes under extremely harsh winter conditions, was provided by the close cooperation between the providers’ teams.


The main project benefit was to offer Orange customers a consistent and unitary experience at national level in the use of mobile voice and data services. Orange, thus, became the operator with the largest coverage of mobile data services in Romania and currently provides for its customers the quickest mobile Internet connection.

The project is currently under continuous development, its architecture being permanently monitored and adapted in relation to current traffic requirements.

Additionally, Orange România has already begun the transformation of transport networks to support 4G technology. The experience from this project and the already existing transport facilities providing an easier transition to the new services.


Orange is the brand under which France Telecom provides mobile communications, Internet and television services. France Telecom Group is one of the world leaders in telecommunication services, with over 183 million customers on five continents.

Orange România is the leader on Romanian telecommunications services market, with over 10 million customers.

„The degree of use of the new services in the areas covered by this project, coupled with the increase of the use of mobile data services, have led us to believe that we managed to accommodate our customers’ wishes and determines us to continue our efforts in order to offer the most pleasant experience for each individual user.”

Mădălina Suceveanu, Chief Technology Officer, Orange Romania

“Datanet teams of specialists provided the design and validation of the technical solution, installation of equipment, migration of traffic and 24-h support services. Although part of the project was performed during an extremely harsh winter, by the joint efforts, implementation was finished within the set term and functionality of the system corresponds to the project requirements.”

Ovidiu Liliac, Project Management Coordinator, Datanet Systems

“As any project of such size, the synchronisation of the multiple teams involved in the execution and the various project stages was a real challenge. Still, thanks to the high level of commitment, it was overcome without impact on the project economy. Datanet continuously monitored the stage of the planned works for all participants in the project, identified the causes of problems and acted together with the other participants for immediate remediation. We worked very well with Datanet within the project, Orange and Datanet teams efficiently cooperating and complementing each other, with excellent final results for Orange customers.“

Ion Tâlvan, IP Network Architect, Orange Romania

“With the help of the new infrastructure, high-quality Internet 3G+ access and voice services coverage of Orange România has increased very much, to the benefit of significant categories of customers. Datanet experience, exceeding 10 years in the field of the infrastructure transformation projects for data, voice and video services, was the basis of the company added value within this ample project. Our activity and cooperation with the teams involved in the project gave us the opportunity to acquire new in-depth knowledge in optimising IP convergent networks in order to meet the current highly demanding business requirements using the most recent technology.“

Gabriel Muşat, Deputy Executive Director, Datanet Systems

Key benefits

Upgrading the entire telecommunications infrastructure in rural areas of Romania

Extending broadband services coverage

Reduced network complexity

nationwide consistent and unitary experience

the largest mobile data service coverage in Romania

Possibility of accommodating new services in the future