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Technical training

Datanet Systems provides professional training related to IT&C infrastructure in partnership with Cisco Learning Partner certified company, with predefined or customized content, kept in its own classroom or at the customer premises. A wide range of training programs is provided, such as seminars, high level presentations and highly specialized technical courses.

The training offer includes sessions adapted per project or according to the customers’ requirements, as well as a wide range of Cisco training modules that covers Routing and Switching, Communications and Services, Network Design, Security, IP Telephony, Contact center, Video and Network Management.

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  • We have an unique expertise in Romania in the field of IT&C infrastructure and over 15 years of experience in managing large communications infrastructure projects;
  • We uses the full potential offered by Internet and telepresence technologies to provide customized training solutions. Our courses will adapt to all content requirements, schedule and preferences, regardless of the geographical distribution of participants.


We provide three main categories of training.

Datanet Systems offers a range of customized courses for operation activities and technical support for companies using Cisco technology:

  • Enterprise IP networks operations and support;
  • Enterprise network security operations and support;
  • Cisco IP Telephony operations and support.

Datanet Systems also offers technical courses according to customer requirements for the design, implementation and operation of the IT infrastructure. Courses are taught by Cisco certified instructors, specialists and experts from Datanet Systems, with 5-15 years of relevant experience. The course sessions include theoretical concepts followed by practical applications in the laboratory. Instructors add examples of real networks within course content.


The training bundles include accelerated Cisco training sessions, training kits for individual study and exams in a VUE testing center, for verifying the level of knowledge and achieving professional certifications. The certified Cisco instructors from Datanet Systems teach for each bundle the sections from the official training courses that are most often used in practice, along with the most difficult chapters, that require detailed explanations. In addition, the trainers from Datanet Systems, certified as Cisco specialists or experts, add in the teaching process examples from the experience of the company in implementing communication infrastructure projects.

Datanet Systems offers training bundles optimized for the following professional activities, applied for Cisco technologies:

  • Network security architect;
  • Nework security specialist;
  • Voice over IP architect;
  • Unified IP network architect;
  • Accelerated CCNA;
  • Accelerated CCNP;
  • Network management specialist;
  • Operations and maintenance specialist.

In addition, we recommend the participants to complement the training sessions with individual study and verify their level of knowledge by participating to the exams included in the bundles.


We provide the official Cisco training courses listed below in partnership with Cisco Learning Partner certified company, either in classroom organized by Datanet Systems, at customer locations or by using the business-quality video facilities of Datanet Systems. The sessions include practical work in remote labs. Each year we have over 200 students in our training center.


The path to productivity and development

Datanet Systems is helping companies, organizations and government agencies leverage learning to make a difference in their success by turning knowledge into productivity for their employees, customers, and channel partners.





We provide learning services that create a quantifiable path to improved performance and increased knowledge for our customers.

Datanet Systems offers professional training featuring core and customized content delivered in its own classrooms or at the client's facilities.